Raising Hope and Things.


Author Note: I know this is supposed to be SasuHina school themed but I had other ideas and yeah…

Headcanon: Hinata and Sasuke are thrown in a program that not only helps children bond but also forces parents to do the same. While their kids grow a friendship so do they and maybe more.


Hinata was understandably worried because she knew that Hikari would never fight. Her daughter was no fighter, the girl barely raise her voice to ask for a cookie. So when she rushed down to the school to see what had happened the mother was pleased to know that her little girl had stood up for herself when a boy bullied her.

Having lilac, almost translucent eyes caused a lot of attention.

Hinata sat beside her daughter, a protective hand stroking her inky navy tresses, with a playful frown as a tall male rushed in. One hand holding a phone to his ear and the next holding a six year old boy in his arm. “Why was I called?”

The principal stood, welcomed the rather rude male and motioned him to sit. Hikari shied away from the raven haired males in the next seat. Hinata was disturbed by this man’s attitude, first of all. He and his son wore the same bored expression.

His son, though, sporting a few red scratches on his face.

"Mr. Uchiha," the principal started. "Your son-" the young man looked down at the pink sheet, "-Daisuke Uchiha has gotten into a physical fight with Hikari Hyuuga." He motioned to the little girl hiding in her mother’s side.

"You fought a girl?" He asked his pouting son. "That’s disappointing."

The boy’s eyes widened at the very word. His hands clasped together as he squeezed onyx orbs closed. “But Daddy-“

"End it." He interrupted.

Daisuke squeaked and nodded. Hinata sighed softly. “I’m sure an apology would do just fine, I’m Hinata Hyuuga.”

He stared at the offered hand but didn’t reach to grab it. “Sasuke Uchiha, I would agree but my son is the one with bruises.”

Hinata blinked, her eyes brows dipped in confusion. “Are you suggesting it should have been the other way around.”

"No," he scoffed, "There should be two apologies. There was both verbal and physical abuse caused."

Hikari removed herself from Hinata’s side upon feeling her mother tense up. “Mama?”

Hinata looked at the principal with a soft smile. “I see we are done here.”

Hikari gasped and glanced at the Uchiha males before looking back at her standing mother. “But mama I can apolo-“

Hinata shook her head before swiftly picking her daughter up. “Never apologize for defending yourself,” voiced Hinata.

Sasuke looked up from his phone. “Raising a princess, mm?”

Hinata adjusted Hikari on her hip. “That’s the problem. Girls must act like little princesses but no one raising their son to be Prince Charming. That much is apparent here.”

A frown engraved itself into Sasuke’s face and the plea with the principal went unheard. Daisuke noticed this and shouted, “I’m sorry!” He really didn’t know who it was directed to at the moment. His father frowning was never a good sign. Onyx eyes shifted when two pair of lilac orbs and a matching set of black ones looked at him.

He took a deep breath, “I’m s-sorry, Hikari.”

Hikari peeped over Hinata’s shoulder before placing her chin there. “Tanks.”

The boy blushed and turned correctly in the leather seat. His father’s eyes were on his head but it didn’t matter. There. It was done. Hinata smiled at the boy’s head then at Hikari.

Sasuke stood smoothly, tucking a hand into his suit pocket. “I’m done, right?” He asked the principal.

"Well - I… Mr. Uchiha, we are requesting that both children join our new program."

"Which is?"

"Helping Other Peers Exceed or HOPE," the man smiled and took out two brochures. "It’s an after-school activity that brings together the kids. Your child’s-" he pointed between parents, "-teacher says that these two don’t play with or well with other students. They attempted to put the two together in a group activity and well…thing went sour."

Sasuke grimaced at the principal’s happy mood. “I don’t like it.”

Hinata hummed. “Well, I do, are there any fees?”

The young principal clapped his hands in excitement. “No! It’s completely free! Would you really consider it?”

Hinata looked at her unsure daughter. “I at least would like for her to try it,” she murmured. “Is that okay, Kari?”

The girl nodded hesitantly. Daisuke jumped up. “Can I try too, Daddy! Can I?”

Sasuke tried glaring him back down but Daisuke mocked the man. The Uchiha male closed his eyes. “I’ll think about it.”

Daisuke was hopeful.

"Beautiful!" The principal laughed. "Oh, I am so excited! That is all for now!"

Hinata giggled from the man’s colorful spirit. “Let’s go home,” she told her daughter. Sasuke and Daisuke followed closely behind.

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